Thursday, February 11, 2010

new york thus far

arriving in NY at sunset
view of Bryant Park from our working studio
Eric of Mik Cire
my lover Eric doing his magic
Eric's amazing shirt
what we woke up to this morning.
in search of emergency fabric

got sidetracked by beautiful Native American fabric
and lusted over this oversized trunk
this week so far has been fitting after fitting, running around town, dying/spraying/ripping fabrics, and anything imaginable you can think of doing to clothes... as I have mentioned before, my boyfriend and I were hired by Eric of Mik Cire (a brand new Men's collection) to style their debut collection at Bryant Park. We are so flattered and so fortunate to be here at such a magical time.  I couldn't think of a more perfect time to visit this city than fashion week AND a snow blizzard!


  1. Gaaah I LOVE being in New York when it snows! Congrats on the hire!

  2. love your outfit of course, everything is flawless and the snow just makes it 100 times better. the jeffrey campbell 99 shoes are perfect platforms for a blizzard cause their super easy to walk in. i was going to buy them but could not pull them off, but YOU thats a different story.

  3. wow so amazing. those native american prints look really good too..ugh too bad we cant get any of those in hk -.-

  4. oh my gosh!! this looks amazing! i adore your outfit... that fur coat and those shoes! oh so gorgeous! looks like so much fun! oh, and eric's t-shirt is amazing. xx

  5. loveee the post!!! and what an amazing snow we had, lol!, xx

  6. Hey! It's my first time at your blog,
    and I totally LOVE it ♥
    Specially your style! You're so fashionable!

    Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  7. i am SO loving your blog; haha that roses are red shirt made me laughhhh

    amazing shots :)

  8. looove your blog and i'll follow you!!
    xx helen

    please visit my blog too!

  9. NY looks so beautiful - can't wait to visit next month :)
    LOVE your coat :)

  10. hey :) i've just discovered your blog and love it! i'm going to follow you on bloglovin...

    I'm a fashion illustrator from Detroit. I hope you'll check out my work on my blog and follow me as well!


  11. love your outfit! the fur is amazing. nice pics!

  12. I really wanted to attend this show but just couldn't secure an invite. Bummer.

  13. ahhhh, the clothes and fabrics are SOO rad!! love the southwestern prints especially. and by the way, everyone in this post as flawless style.