Monday, March 15, 2010

Tokyo Part 2: Eric's 30th Birthday!!

we celebrated eric's big 3-0 in tokyo and boy did we celebrate! First off, i surprised him in the hotel room with this custom 2 piece cross ring i had made for him.  Then we headed to karaoke!!  when in tokyo, you MUST have a night of karaoke debauchery. 
alejandra (boos&besitos)-amazing rings
and then it got weird
yup....that is where the night ended up.
next day we took a mini tour to the tokyo tower and the meiji shrine; both incredibly beautiful.   (excuse the unhappy look, i'm sure you can understand!)
cleansing our soul from the previous night


  1. happy birthday to Eric. you are crazy people - keep it up !!!

  2. the ring. do u sell them? I WANT ONE

  3. great post as always!

  4. i love your last look...and congratulation for the blog,i like it very much!

  5. Wow, amazing double finger ring! Looks like ya'll had an absolute blast!

  6. Mw likely the double finger cross ring. do you sell them? I would so buy one..