Saturday, March 6, 2010

tokyoooooo part ichi

after vegas we jetted off to tokyo for our partner's (Tom Hirota from Joyrich) store opening at the LaForet dept store in Harajuku.  When I arrived at his opening I was shocked and so flattered that he had given the christeric shirts a whole window display! 
 tom, kubo and i 


GR8 is the store that i raved about in my previous post. It's right next to the new Joyrich store in LaForet so please do check it out if you are in Tokyo.  This men's store has AMAZING merchandising and unmatched visual display of product.

of course their awesomeness is also due to the fact that half the store was men's UNIF (Eric's line) and the other half was Rick Owens (another fave)
after the store opening we headed back to to the hotel and got changed for the opening party at Le Baron de Paris.  These are some quick shots of what I wore.  Apologies for the blurry pics.
shoulder dress- Brian Lichtenberg
clinic wedges- Jeffrey Campbell
Mademoiselle Yulia, Pase Rock, and DJ Devin Lucien worked their magic on the turntable for the full house of attendees.  Amongst them were lots of familiar faces from los angeles such as UNIF, Stamp'd LA, Brian Lichtenberg, Boos&Besito, The Mainframe, Dime Piece and many more...
BL dress with THE Brian Lichtenberg

how amazing is her hair?
fought jetlag with lots of redbull that night! 
sorry for the MASSIVE post of pics!
posts on the rest of my trip coming soon!!
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  1. it was great certainly, amazing dress

  2. SO CUTE! LOVE the hat; and lace dress:)

  3. lovelovelove the one-shoulder lace dress.

  4. damn! you look so good! is the leopard top Christeric as well? Where can I buy your pieces, girl? and those Clinic wedges look so damn badass on you!

    do send me some love over at

  5. just wondering if the christeric shirts are available online anywhere? they look awesome


  6. gorgeousss :)

    I'm loving lace & leopard print at the moment



  7. im officially obsessed with your life and dont forget your wardrobe... your one lucky girl


  8. my bad, sorryy.
    the link it's already there, it's just click it.

    I love your blog, your originality and the fact that you aren't afraid to dare more are great.

    for curiosity, where can I buy the line 'play me' and how (more or less) it costs?

    see you later!

  9. wow i love these pics, your lace dress and animal print top are my fav.
    great blog!! <3

  10. I'm loving the outfits. Must stop by that store when I go to Japan! Where can I get a hold of some of your clothing?

  11. so fantastic! I love your looks!

  12. Ah Christine the clothes are absolutely beautiful! If you ever need an intern...holler ;) haha

  13. Looks so fun! Loove the lace dress :)

  14. All the outfits you put together are amazing. I want and need to go to Tokyo. The number one city I want to go to. I am from New Zealand by the way. I have been to LA. I love all your photos. I want your wardrobe...sooo bad. xo
    I have a fashion blog, please visit sometime.

  15. What a amazinggg look!!!

    Anne from Poland (come and see us)

  16. This looks like soooo much fun and you look fabulous!


  17. Love every look! Your dress is fabulous girl

  18. you wore the dress!! it looks AMAZING on you!!! i love it!!

  19. that's amazing! you met yulia!!! looks like you had alot of fun. so jealous of you!!!

  20. is there any way where i can buy the exact dress u wearing or order online?