Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Neysa Bove: Christeric

The talented Neysa Bove did this illustration of me!  She was kind enough to make me look much cuter AND have rays of mini triangles coming out from behind me!  I love how she rendered the colors of the rainbow shirt.  She is originally from Spain and now works as an illustrator for Mattel in Los Angeles! I can only imagine how fun her job must be! Check out her blog here! Thank you Neysa!


bought this vintage Jerry Garcia shirt from Beacons Closet's a looong time ago...the middlefingerless handprint makes the shirt for me.

Monday, March 29, 2010

santa monica sunday

yes we went to yet another flea market this sunday...that's all we do on sundays because frankly i can't think of anything better to do on a bright sunny day like this.  this time we trekked the santa monica airport flea market...lots of good finds, but definitely pricier than the other markets.
ethnic sweater knit shorts-hong kong
cross back tee-copula
oxfords-alexander wang (these are sooo comfortable that i've worn them almost to the grave)
statue of liberty pin
fell in love with this set of fully beaded chairs
vintage issey miyake's
i can only dream of jeannie
bumped into Maki and Tom!  Maki owns a super cute store in hollywood called Lallure...if you're in the area you should definitely check it out.
i never refuse chocolate
tom bought these ridiculous plastic lucite rings in assorted colors...these totally remind me of the rings i used to get from toy dispensers for 25¢
maki found this queen nerfititi pin, but more importantly, check out her CC logo nails!!
saw the cutest old man with the COOLEST fanny pack
and when we asked him "how much for the fanny pack?" he proceeded to say "this is where i keep my gun!" and showed us his retired police badge!
saturday night we went to eric's uncle's birthday party and this was the amazing flyer for it..."bitches and ho's welcome" yup, amazing.
vintage cindy crawford poster in his uncle's garage...what a beaut she is.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Meet Me At the Peach Pit

got these terrible leopard platforms at the Long Beach flea market and immediately knew in my heart that we would share a moment together.  how bad yet good are these?  it didn't take long for me to channel the donna, kelly, and sometimes brenda in me to muster up this outfit.  
mesh button up-vintage
destroyed shorts-vintage levi's
versace backpack-vintage
sunglasses-Grey Ant

♥♥thank you knightcat for featuring me!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

LA fashion weak-end?

this past weekend has been quite the eventful one and a pleasant reminder that spring is here in LA... warm nights, hot days, loads of ice cream, DJ's in the daytime, short shorts and tempting thoughts of chopping my stifling long hair off.  Friday we went to one of the few remaining LA fashion week events at BoxEight.  It was an interesting concept of showcasing a "behind the scenes" photo shoot instead of a runway show.  Although I appreciate the creativity, I prefer to bring the actual runway shows back to LA and make the focus on the clothes and not the hype around it.  
ripped t-shirt-vintage
high waist acid shorts-vintage
photo bootie-jeffrey campbell
sherpa jacket-queens wardrobe
brenda bag-alexander wang
the creative director of Goldspun
yes, i actually have a dinosaur tattooed on my wrist
stylist Michael Holdaway and I
out of control
after we hit up this koreatown spot where they served this super weird milky liquor mixed with sprite and skewers of yummy unidentifiable things!
Saturday was the Joyrich warehouse sale where UNIF was selling too.  For those of you who don't know, UNIF is our other brand. Check us out here!!
Eric destroyed it on the turntable!!!!!
his shirt says "happiness is gang bangin"  the graphic says it all actually.
Olivia came by the sale to pick up some UNIF.  If you don't know her already you must have been asleep in the blog world because at 17 she is aammmaaazzing.  She's so cute and sweet I can't help but want to shower her with gifts!
floral tank-UNIF
high waist acid shorts-vintage
creeper boots-alexander wang
leopard couch-stampdla
Sunday we strolled the Long beach flea market and found some interesting things....
rosaries galore
airbrushed horse vest
rabbit fur vest (which i bought!!)
Eric and I came seriously close to buying this raunchy frame filled with 90's porn stars.  After lamenting all afternoon about it, I think we will purchase it if we see it next time!
this will be me in 40 years!
this pegasus/crystal ball statue is now in my life
i bought a vintage Versace backpack! 
mesh tee-vintage
sunglasses-linda farrow x alexander wang
striped shorts-hong kong
plaid shirt-copula
white docs-vintage
turquoise inlaid ring-vintage (bought it today!)