Monday, January 31, 2011


OPEN showroom (which carries our brands UNIF and PlayMe) is hiring interns for an upcoming tradeshow.  Travel expenses/food covered.  We are looking for energetic, hard-working and reliable people. This is definitely a great overall experience for anyone interested in the apparel industry.  Must be available during the weeks of Feb 7-17 and be over the age of 18.  Interviews will be held on:
Thursday, Feb 3, 2011
from 1pm-4pm
233. S. La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(right next to Trader Joe's. Park on 2nd st!)
please bring your resume if you have one!
Hope to see you there!
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Sunday, January 30, 2011


studded leather rider-UNIF
rainbow leggings-Hong Kong
I can never resist buying pastel/rainbow-colored things.  It must be the candy raver inside of me.  This jacket is the same style as the one WEEZY wore in a previous post...!  Believe it or not we hand studded the whole production run in our office. Yup FUN TIMES!

WOW this blog got nominated for Best Newcomer of the Year by BlogLovin! I really couldn't believe it when they notified me because let's face it...this blog is no where near as influential as the others AND I probably am the least diligent at updating.  Nonetheless, I am so grateful to my readers; long-time ones, new ones, future ones, ones that quit've given me much joy over the past year and I want to thank you all for taking time to visit.  I can only hope to give back to each of you somehow!
you can vote for your favorites HERE
and if you're not feeling me for Best Newcomer I highly recommend ORACLE FOX! She is pretty rad! 
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


tan ribbed dress-Taiwan
holey hoodie-old UNIF
pigment sprayed leather jacket-China
An outfit from Taiwan.  It was surprisingly cold there so it resulted in me packing on the layers (I also wore wool leggings under the dress!)'s tradeshow/shipping time yet again!  We are too effinnn busy so I won't be able to post as much (not like I do often anyway) ! be good kiiidddss!!!!
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


StyleStalker Snakbite leggings HERE
UNIF Hail tee HERE
mustard cardigan-China
custom boots
Sorry if this outfit sounds like an advertisement...not intentional because this is what I really wore (and wanted to!)  How could I not? These leggings by StyleStalker are AMAZING and the fit is surprisingly on point considering the corseted  panels.  If only I had a couple more inches of stems to give them more justice.  Boo! Thank you Rachel and SueAnn!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


LIL WAYNE in the UNIF studded leather rider for the new Fire Flame Remix vid!
check it out HERE!
"we da biiiizness hundred million dollaahh"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


vintage thermal
vintage t-shirt
jeans-PlayMe sample
boots-Junya Watanabe
beanie-brother's (now mine)
bag-random hong kong
weed ring eyeball ring-Taiwan

A little late but HAPPY NEW YEAR!! weeee...shots in my favorite place in the world, TAIWAN!
I was in China for a two thumbs down Christmas (working), but hopped over to Taiwan to spend New year's EAT before jetting back to China for more work. Here's a quick break down of the past 3 weeks

Christmas Day-Guangzhou China
back of a rickshaw 
front view
me bugging a shifty-eyed stray dog
freakishly strong old man...still puffin' on that cig
 fabric mart motorcycle gang

 one of the reasons for going to Taiwan was to hang out with one of our favorite accounts NEU!
YiLing the boss lady
 Stan Lee the boss man 

I asked how their empire of over 10 stores began and YiLing proceeded to tell me the tale of her being a rebellious kid that racked up a hefty bill on her dad's credit card.  To pay it off she would go to the local wholesale mart and hand pick clothes and flip them for a profit on the streets (literally).  Shortly after, she began to fly to Los Angeles to hand pick brands to exclusively sell in Taiwan.   Her reputation for picking the best stuff soon caught on.  Meanwhile, Stan Lee (literally the king of streetwear in Taiwan) was one of the first people to own a skate shop in the country.  He noticed YiLing's talent for slanging women's clothes, so they teamed up and have been killing it together since 1998! If you get a chance, go visit one of their many stores across Taiwan or their online store HERE!
For new years, Yiling took us to Underworld, a cool little live house.    The local Taiwanese band Macbeth was surprisingly good!
the bathroom
the only picture we have from the night as we started celebrating too early....

FOOD! another main reason for going to eat my fkn heart out...some of it looks pretty gross I know
bacon wrapped chives
bell fruit
what i miss the most about Taiwan is surprisingly these modest lunch boxes
intestine noodles yummm
 favorite treat...candied strawberry kebabs
fried chicken steaks
fun shaped hot cakes
pork sammies
sea snails
Eric couldn't hang with my eating habits so he came up with the most American meal possible: hot dog, cheetos, and a coke!
you snap me
snapping you
brother praying
nice to know people still hand paint lanterns
night markets 
take that FOREVER 21...neener neener neeener
and then ended the trip with balenciaga/margiela sale madness!
(got a pair of margiela trousers for under $100!)

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