Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Be Trippin

diy shirt
jeans from hong kong
Celine sunglasses from Lane Crawford
vintage belt from Kinji
vintage Boy London boots from Koenji
We weren't about to haul our huge Canon 40D through 6 flights and 4 countries, so we took all of our pics on disposable cameras and our iphones...lazy bloggers! 
so stoked on these boots!! Found them while leaving a vintage shop in Koenji just chillin with a bunch of priced-to-sell items. 
Below are a couple (a LOT) of photos from Tokyo. 
cutie pies! love how their uniforms make them look like little safari hunters!
pretty boy behind UNIF
view from our hotel room
these were everywhere...don't think they're Nazi swastikas as they are not tilted...maybe Buddhist?

 entering of the weirdest and coolest stores in Tokyo. Peep the Lady Gaga tag on the left.
UNIF Hellraiser flats coming soon! sooooo comfy!
spotted these 2 in Harajuku wearing UNIF! so exciting!
(SEX and WORSHIP tee here)
torched saba yumm
 cheeerrs (i'm the pink drink!)
 our friend Kudo took us to a vintage warehouse.  The funny part is, the owner gets everything from the we basically flew all the way to Tokyo, bought a bunch of stuff from him and then brought em back homeMakes sense, I know.
business in the front, party in the back
Yoppy (our PR girl) and I 
owners figuring out how to ring us up
it was sooooo hot in there! Eric was lucky enough to shop topless
Carhartt party. Love this dude's vest!
heck yes we did karaoke duh
so I spotted these tiny hussies from the back (no parents)...was so intrigued I ran in front of them
smells like tween spirit.
best picture ever.
♥  ♥  ♥


  1. Ohhh my gosh. I really really really want to go to Japan, I mean look at the people! It's so interesting. And awesome shoes btw, I've been looking for some heavy brogue/monk shoes for aaages
    It would be mine

  2. These photos are stunning! I cannot wait till it's my chance to travel as far as Japan. The last pictures are really cute, but the girls look slightly too young for their outfits

  3. All these shots look awesome! Love your style, babe!


  4. bahah! tiny hussies! how cute...yet..not right...
    LOVE the vintage boy boots and spiky flats btw :D

  5. Cute the little school girls... the other ones seems way older than me ut in a good way! When are the flats arriving?
    Sweet to bring the clothes back home

  6. lovely photos! ;) you always look so beautiful! love your hair ;) xx.

  7. Oh my goodness, the last photo is so amusing! And the school kids did look like adorable safari hunters. Your DIY tee and those studded loafers are super chic!

    ♥, Jamie

  8. amazing photos! like really amazing. i wish i was a tiny safari kid. x

  9. Bahaha gotta love those little girls. Looks like you had/are having an amazing time. Nice memorable snaps x

  10. That last picture is so hilarious. The girl in the denim is totally their ringleader.

  11. sooo cute! looks like Tokyo was tons of fun.

    PS I'm hosting a giveaway on blog, it's open worldwide!

    Velvet Codeine

  12. i really need some unif in my life...

    these photos are amazing... wish i was traveling the world right now :)

  13. Looks like so much fun! The tee in the first few photos is amazing!

    Carmen Ri.

  14. wow, amazing. love the punked out white on white look as well as those pink spiked shoes!!


    XO Sahra

  15. Your first shirt remains me of Balmain, GORGEOUS!!!


  16. Oh my those little kids are so cuuuteee! I like the little kids with huge backpacks! Hahahha how adorable!

  17. those tiny hussies are my new slut idols
    and i love the rest of these pics. i ENNNNVY ur style.

  18. I love these pics! And OMG you need to let me know as soon as those Hellraiser flats are available to order/pre-order, I think I'm in love with them!


  19. I've always loved your blog and have been a follower for a very long time, but I do not like the pictures of the swastikas.

  20. Oh man that last picture is amazing. I suddenly want a pair of white lace thigh high leg warmers. I don't care how inappropriate it is or if people will think I'm a crazy lolita tease, those are tacky in the best possible way.
    Ah and love your diy tee and those boots are too cool for words.

    (...yes, i want those pinky spikey!!)

  22. these pink spike studded shoes are killing me with love!!!!

  23. you have the absolute coolest style ever! i adore your blog and your cool pictures! love it when you post things about tokyo, i used to live there for half a year and in my opinion it's the best city in the world!!!! lots of tokyo-looooove from your biggest swedish fan, flu.

  24. love every photo you are so amaz balls!

  25. THAT LAST PHOTO!!!!!!! Priceless moment.

  26. wish i could be bippity bopping all over the world...i dig your white jeans & the lolitas are redonk (in a good/bad way).

  27. I love those shoes! My all time favourite bag which I have been using ALL THE TIME for the past 3 years is made by boy london and it's still looking pretty good despite the fact that it was handed down to me by my mom.

  28. Congrats on the Urban Outfitters buy! My boyfriend's company had a T shirt buy from them, and its hard work but really great exposure! I wish they would sell the Jesus Saves I Spend tee, that one's my favorite. Keep on truckin' and making steps forward, you're really doing great.

  29. I just found your blog for the first time & I LOVE IT!! That last picture really had my lol-ing those girls look like a pint sized pop group. I'm so jealous of that warehouse you got to shop at I LOOOVE thrifting, possibly more than my husband jkjk

  30. Really cool pics! I so wanna travel when i see this!

  31. wowwww!!!!lucky you!!!love the vintage warehouse!!!!!!!

  32. that vintage warehouse look like a dream shop

  33. Love the pink shoes!

    Keep it wild.

  34. Guys I totaly love the freedom in your style!!

  35. Brilliant post

  36. I love your Style, you are stunning!!

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